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Spanish Instruction


In Spanish Cuentos we analyze how humans learn languages in a natural way (outside of the classroom).  We don’t learn to speak by memorizing vocabulary lists or with grammar lessons.  We learn language through our senses and comprehensible input. Sounds slowly start to have meaning and written words reveal their secrets.   Absorbing frequently used structures of language is a natural way for humans to learn and teaching meaningful structures of language, or short sentences instead of verb conjugation charts promotes fluency; students get excited about Spanish and they start producing and learning language on their own. Isolating words makes it nearly impossible for a student to comprehend things like intent, tone or even the overall meaning of a text or conversation.  We rarely communicate with isolated words, and we rarely think about grammar in our everyday conversations. In Spanish Cuentos we teach using “chunks of language” that already have grammar built into them, without ever mentioning any grammar terminology.

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