Welcome to the new Spanish Cuentos!


We simply love to tell stories using music, graphics, books, videos and more. Nothing beats a good story! Since language is inherently cultural, we tell stories in our native language and immerse students in our cultures. Not only is learning with stories extremely effective, it’s also more enjoyable! You’ll find the day-to-day experience of language acquisition to be much more fulfilling, quite unlike anything you’ve tried in the past.

Spanish Cuentos is the first step in an adventure that will open up a whole new world for your students.

More about Spanish Cuentos

Spanish Cuentos was founded by Craig Klein Dexemple to meet the immense demand for Spanish needs in the Des Moines area.

Craig is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, South America. He was born and raised in Cúcuta, a city near the Venezuelan border. His family has always been involved in education. Craig’s father was a college professor and his mother ran her own private elementary school in Colombia for over 30 years.

Craig has a Bachelor’s in Spanish and a Master’s in Spanish Literature. He is also a certified Spanish teacher in the state of Iowa. Teaching Spanish is his life and passion, and this comes across in his lessons and correspondence. He is passionate about teaching the Spanish language and has created unique comprehensible input lessons which incorporate, music, literature, games, videos, culture and storytelling, all using simple, real and comprehensible Spanish.

Our goal is to allow students to acquire a second language through the senses and comprehensible input. Acquisition takes place when students focus on the message and not on the form of the message. When students are able to produce meaningful language without thinking about rules, but just by knowing that everything they say or write sounds right, that’s when you know that language acquisition has taken place.

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