The Yipao Parade – Paper Craft



This is a great activity to get away from the typical Cinco de Mayo and other similar cultural activities that often become a bit stereotypical. The Yipao Parade is one of the most popular fiestas in Colombia but very little is known about it outside the country.

Create a colorful Yipao Parade in your Spanish classroom. This has been one of the best cultural activities that I have created. My students absolutely loved it and had sooooo much fun working and learning about this crazy but amazing Colombian fiesta!

This product provides you with:

+ A paper model Jeep to print, cut out and glue together.
+ Information, history and facts about the Yipao Parade
+ Video Links
+ Photos, and Ideas.

This project can last 2 to 3 days depending on how long your classes are.

One more thing:
I’ve used this activity with 4th and 5th grade but it has worked best for me with 6th grade and up…

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