El ratón Pablito – Teacher’s Manual Download



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What to expect from this guide

  • Ideas for how to introduce each chapter of the novel
  • A list of target structure vocabulary, possible new words, and cognates for each chapter
  • Ideas and talking points when reading the chapters to your students or drawing the stories on the board
  • Guides and tips to acting out each chapter with your students
  • Three comprehension worksheets for each chapter with answer sheets
  • Possible extension activities for each chapter



  • These plans have been tested with students in grades 2-7 but can be used with students as young as 1st grade and as old as high school at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Please preview all video recommendations before showing to your students.
  • Chapters can be taught in different order or in isolation for any reason
  • A membership with Spanish Cuentos will help optimize this resource, but it is not required.
  • Students are more likely to buy in to the silly stories and acting if they see their teacher enthusiastic about them.

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