Welcome to the new Spanish Cuentos!

Finding Assignments

It’s easy to find any content your teacher needs you to watch or read on Spanish Cuentos!

First, make sure you’re logged in.

Then, click the “Classroom Content” link in the main navigation of Spanish Cuentos, or click this link.

From here, you’ll see all the content available to you on Spanish Cuentos. Each item has a picture and title so you can easily identify them.

If your teacher has assigned a specific item to watch or read today, you can use the Search bar to find it.

And if you’re just browsing and studying on your own, you can use the Category dropdown to find different kinds of content that all go together. You can also use the Type dropdown to find just videos, or just flipbooks.

There’s lots of content to explore on Spanish Cuentos, so get started now!

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