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Short reading Novela: “Peter va a Colombia”

I am excited to announce that “Peter va a Colombia” is ready to be used by students.   An engaging action-packed read, Peter va a Colombia is a short novel that first year Spanish students can easily grasp.  Written in the present tense, the book is built on a list of 350 plus Spanish nouns, verbs, and common expressions.  As they read, students acquire basic vocabulary and grammar while gaining confidence with the target language; they also learn about fascinating places in Colombia.

The main character is 12-year-old Peter from Des Moines, Iowa.  A video game enthusiast and avid reader, Peter learns about Colombia from his Spanish teacher and decides to visit.  But once there surprises meet him at every turn: chilly Bogotá contrasts with tropical Cartagena; stunning multicolored jungle birds contrasts with scary piranhas; and a kind man with books contrasts with rural poverty and isolation.  Drawing readers to Peter’s adventure, Peter va a Colombia keeps students engaged and involved.  As they read, they will wonder: What is Bogotá like? What foods do Colombians enjoy? Will the piranhas eat Peter?  Do poor Colombian children enjoy books as much as they do?  In this book students will find answers to these and other questions.  Also, check out the delicious Arepas recipe in the last page of the book.


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